Welcome to Walker Companies Display and Exhibit Systems

Walker Companies is teamed with many of the leading exhibition display manufacturers and suppliers in the country, to bring you the widest range of Display and Exhibit Products imaginable.  

Our tradeshow displays feature displays for every budget:

  • Low-cost banners and table top displays
  • Moderate-cost back walls, 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 displays
  • Large 20 x 20, 20 x 40 and up floor models displays
  • Totally custom-designed displays for the most descerning taste.

We also specialize in interiors for your every need:

  • retail store displays
  • office lobby
  • mall kiosk
  • museum interior.

With in-house large format printing capabilities, your graphics are delivered on time, economically, and beautifully.  Our custom design artists will help you produce the dynamic display today's market demands.

Let your imagination meet with our professional event consultants today to create an exhibit that will project the image you want at the price you need.

Want to participate in trade shows but don't have the time?  We can manage your entire trade show experience, from building your display to shipping, to handling your entire conference center experience, and even storing your display after the show.  Call us today for details!

Expolinc Portable Table

 Expolinc Portable Table

Bring your own table to your event!

Expolinc Panel Base System


 Expolinc Panel Base System

Rigid boards have never had a better looking base!

The Expolinc Panel Base System is a floor standing double-sided display system that keeps rigid board materials in a firm grip. The panel stands straight and stable after fast, easy installation, and is secured by the foot's grip so strong that the whole system can be lifted by holding the panel.

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